Integrity, honesty and transparency are the fundamental principles of our business. We strive to ensure that these tenets are upheld at all times.

Auditor corruption is a significant challenge faced by the supply chain monitoring industry.  OCTS believes the best bastion against corruption is a proactive approach with a culture of ethics embedded at the core of your business culture.  Front and center of OCTS’ anti-corruption program is our code of ethics forbidding associates from soliciting or accepting any cash, forms of cash, gifts, meals, entertainment or transportation.  After each factory assessment, the supplier is invited to return to the OCTS Head Office an Anti-Corruption Statement.  This document, sent through a private channel, allows the factory to report on the conduct of our auditor(s), with specific reference to corrupt behavior.  Should this document not be returned by the factory, office management follows-up.

OCTS frequently conducts scenario-based anti-bribery training, clarifying gray areas and communicating best practices.  All staff are trained to report incidents of bribery, including bribes or gifts offered by factory representatives which have been refused. Managers are provided detailed instructions in escalation of unethical or integrity-related matters to the Manager of Ethics & Integrity or General Manager, whereby all reports are investigated or handled as appropriate.  The Manager of Ethics & Integrity continuously monitors all reports and analyses for trends with the objective of sharing best practices with the management team to mitigate future incidents.