About Us

Onsite Compliance & Technical Service Co Ltd (OCTS) was founded in China in 2016. 

With operation for more than 4 years, OCTS specializes in providing compliance & quality technical service, especially in Social Compliance audit, Factory Capability Assessment, C-TPAT and other management systems evaluation. 

OCTS goes beyond supply chain monitoring. With a network of teams stationed across the country, we provide deep expertise in navigating local challenges, such as worker retention strategies in China, as well as broader industry issues such as supply chain corruption and unauthorized subcontracting. 

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence with flexibility, attention to detail and unparalleled integrity.

Every day many of the world’s most trusted brands put their faith in OCTS as they endeavor to work with suppliers who operate ethically, securely and free from corrupt practices.

Our mission: 

To provide the most reliable monitoring for global supply chain.

Our vision: 

Become the best quality efficient service provider in global supply chain management. 

Our Value: 

Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Efficiency, Flexibility.