Project introduction



What does the factory need to do?


  • Complete and submit self-assessment/joint assessment;

  • Pay the verification fee to the verification institution;

  • Ensure that verification is completed within two months after ASC;

  • Cooperate with SLCP verification;

  • Submit and share the verified evaluation data。


Answers to frequently asked questions



What should I do if the factory is more than two months away from ASC?


When it has expired, the system will display ineffective invalidation, and all subsequent operations cannot be performed. The factory must contact SLCP for support through the help desk ( to restore the evaluation status back to ASI (evaluation start), so that the factory can update the self/joint evaluation and then resubmit it to ASC status.


What are the fees that the factory needs to pay?


  • Use Gateway and SLCP tools and related resources

    1)Amount: free of charge

    2)Specific content: use Gateway gateway and SLCP service platform to integrate evaluation framework tools and related materials。

  • On-site verification fee

    1)Amount: depending on the verification company;

  • 2)Specific content: the cost of the verifier's verification in the factory is based on the basic information of the factory, the number of factories, and the selected steps;

  • Administrative expenses of SLCP

    1)Amount:$300 per validation;;

    2)Specific content: OCTS collects from the factory on behalf of SLCP;

  • Hosting platform

    1)Amount:it depends on the managed platform, such as FFC, SAC(Higg), SEDEX

    2)Specific content:the cost of self-evaluation and verification using the hosting platform shall be paid directly by the factory to the hosting platform;


How long after the on-site verification, can the report be received and shared with the customer?


The verifier/verification company has ten  working days to complete the verification evaluation report after the on-site verification. If you need urgent treatment, you can contact and communicate in advance。